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M-11 Field Strip

This is page 4 of the M-11 Field Strip tutorial. If you would like to go to the previous page click on the link below.

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Steps 10 through 12
Step 10
Once you have the lower and upper receivers interlocked together take a look at the “take down pin” hole.

If they are not perfectly aligned it will look similar to the one pictured. Notice the purple area, the upper receiver is to far forward for the take down pin housing to be inserted.

To correct this, hold onto the upper receiver and gently tap the rear of the gun on the floor until the holes are lined up straight enough to insert the “take down pin”.

This is what it should look like when you have the upper and lower receivers lined up correctly.


Step 11
Once the upper and lowers are aligned you can now drop in the “take down pin” housing, colored in green. You can insert it from either direction. I prefer to do it on the same side as the ejection port.

When you get the housing fully seated against the receiver (marked purple) you are ready to insert the latch pin.

Step 12
Now take the “latch pin”, marked in green, and insert it through the end of “take down pin” housing, marked in purple, that does not stick out side the receiver.
Push the “latch pin” all the way through until it locks into place.
If you did it correctly you should see that the “latch pin” has latched onto the “take down pin” housing.
And that’s it! Pretty simple huh. I hope this tutorial was easy enough to follow.