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M-11 Field Strip

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Steps 7 through 9
Step 7
To reassemble the M-11 you must first install the bolt assembly back inside the upper receiver.

To do this orientate the bolt assembly, marked in green, and the upper receiver, marked in light blue, to the same position as shown in the picture & push the bolt assembly into the upper receiver. Don’t push the bolt assembly all forward since you will need to install the charging knob.


If you look at the upper receiver form the top as you slide the bolt assembly forward you will notice the charging knob hole, marked in green, on top of the bolt. When this hole aligns with the circle cut at the front of charging handle channel cutout don’t push the bolt assembly any further.
Step 8
Now insert the charging knob, marked in green, down into the hole on the bolt. Once it is seated into the bolt grasp the charging handle and slide it towards the front of the upper receiver (red arrow). If you installed it correctly the bolt should have moved with it.
Step 9
Next take the upper receiver, marked in green, and insert it back into the lower. You must first get the recoil assembly and rear of the upper receiver under the “lip” area of the lower receiver. Once you do this push down and back until the upper receiver is sitting snug into the lower receiver.
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